1st XI Practice and Pre-season Clear Up at the Club

On a blowy but mild day at Church Meadow the 1st XI squad, led by Hass, gathered for some pre season outdoor action, whilst the club clean up was undertaken by ‘the usual suspects’ (despite a club wide advert going out asking for help. I’m sure you all have your reasons!)

Amongst many tasks completed; the balls were counted and audited, old club kit was laid out, changing rooms aired and tidied, the rear service yard ‘cleared’ (photo doesn’t do it justice) front of the clubhouse was dusted and swept, some electrics appeared to be tinkered with and a skip was filled up with lots of old junk, including at one point a few ex committee members and Chairman.

Charlie and Max will continue to grapple with the weather this week to get the turf in order, but I suspect there’s no possible way the ground will be ready in time for the first pre-season match scheduled for next Saturday against Slough….. is there ?!

Thanks go out to the usual suspect XI; Pateys, Phippens, Beards, Lachlan, Tervet, Dabbs, Penny and Swain.

Written by Matt Swain




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