TTCC donates kit to Lord’s Taverner’s Scheme!

Thank you to everyone who contributed a piece of unwanted cricket kit to the collection over the past 6 months. All that kit is now on its way (Friday 20th November) to the Lord’s Taverners for recycling.

It was combined, on a pallet, with more kit from Haddenham CC and collected by the charity to go to Ipswich.

There they will sort it and then redistribute it to organisations in the UK and around the world.

What is sports kit recycling?

Many young people in the UK and abroad find it hard to access sport, with one of the main barriers being a simple lack of access to the right kit and equipment.

Lord’s Taverner’s sports kit recycling programme collects usable kit from across the UK, through a network of local ‘collection hubs’.

The kit is then sorted and redistributed to partner organisations within the UK and around the world, who can put it to great use in their communities.

If you want to know more about the scheme, or The Lord’s Taverners, please click here.

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