Cublington Women’s Softball Festival

On Sunday 13th August, the ladies entered a team into the Cublington Women’s Softball Festival. Sheena Beard led the side, and gave the below summary of the day:

Women's soft ball tourno 2017 1

“Our first game was against Olney which was a very close fought game, scores being level with 2 balls to go. Their batsman hitting a 4 to win the game.

Our second game was against a strong Ballinger team. They batted well hitting several sixes. They also bowled extremely tightly. We played well but were outplayed in this game.

Our third game was against Cublington 1. Some very good batting hitting several fours and a couple of sixes gave us a good total to defend. We bowled very tightly with a good line and length. Our fielding was very good with some quick pick-ups and accurate throwing. We won this game.

Our last game of the tournament was against Cublington 2. Again we batted very well with some excellent boundaries being scored. Our bowling and fielding improved with each game and again we came out as winners.

Everyone played their part in the matches with bat and ball, and a great day in beautiful sunshine was had by all. We finished 5th out of 7 which for our first softball tournament was excellent.”

Anyone wishing to get involved in and/or learn more about the continuing rise of Women’s Cricket at Thame Town Cricket Club, please visit the Women’s Cricket page, here.

Women's soft ball tourno 2017 4

Women's soft ball tourno 2017 3

Women's soft ball tourno 2017 2

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