How to avoid those painful injuries…

One of our two new partnerships this season has been signed with “Massage Matters”(also based upstairs at Racquets Fitness Centre) and will be ideal for any of us unfortunate enough to be injured or who simply suffer from aches and pains and could benefit from a therapeutic massage.

We have teamed up with the expert hands of John, Mark and Anna at Massage Matters for three important reasons:-

  • To help us learn how to prepare for matches and practice session, in order to avoid injury in the first place
  • To get back to full fitness much more quickly if we are unlucky enough to pick up a soft-tissue injury
  • To then learn how we can avoid a recurrence of any such injury

If any paid-up, club member needs advice or treatment, just call Massage Matters on 01844-212022 and you will receive a discounted rate on your expert treatment from the team. These concessions apply to all members and their immediate family (children, parents and siblings).

Again, a huge thankyou to John, Mark and Anna and we look forward to a very productive, hands-on relationship in 2017 and beyond.

Massage Matters

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